“As a parent who has a daughter that dances at Erin’s Dance Club, it is reassuring knowing that the teachers/instructors treat each child as if their own. They are all great role models and support. My daughter has gained a confidence in herself that she didn’t have before dancing with Erin’s 5 years ago. She enjoys and loves every teacher she has and looks forward to going to dance each week.

From my daughter’s eyes it lets her be herself and that you can’t judge someone by how they dance, everyone chooses their own dance. It makes her feel like she can be anything she wants to be.”

Barbara and Holley

“What dancing means to my family is unconditional love and support in every aspect of life not just on the dance floor. Both my children have/do attend Erin’s dance club. With my oldest dance was a way for him to feel apart of something special. He has never had such a light around him as he did when he was dancing. Every time he walks into the studio now he is treated with such love and support for him even if he doesn’t dance anymore.  The instructors each take their time to talk to him and find out what is going on in his world. Now my daughter dances and loves every second of it. She has found her place on the stage and that is all due to the dedication and love she gets from Erin and Amy . She tells me that inside her feels happy when she dances and that is a parents wish when their child has found their place in the world. No matter what if it is inside the studio  or  if we run in to the team at a competition their is always a smile on Erin’s face and a hug to give. So you ask why my kids dance at Erin’s dance club, well I wouldn’t have them dance anywhere else because at Erin’s you and not just any dancer you are family and that is what makes a child feel safe to express themselves to the best of their abilities.”


“New in Ontario, we have been greeted at EDC like a family.  Our daughters have made several friends, they’ve improved their dance skills beyond our hopes and their self-esteem and confidence grow through each EDC’s opportunity; Dance-o-ton, Santa parade, Canada Day, Cherry Fest and the wonderful recital.  During summer, both have watched their favourite dancers recital videos thousands of times to practice and improve more and more.

Thank you 💖 EDC 💟 for this achievement and your professionalism.  You are not only sharing your wonderful passion, more, you are a fantastic teacher.”

Claudia & Maurice

“To me dancing @EDC means, having great friends, an awesome dance family, and the opportunity to get expand my dance style because the teachers are very good @ helping you learn new dance styles. Everyone at the studio is very supportive of one another. ”


“Bringing my daughter to dance at EDC has meant watching her grow into an even better dancer, and the acceptance from everybody was astounding, here at EDC we have the best dance family. The teachers, students and parents are all awesome. From classes to competitions there is never a dull moment. ”


“What dancing at Erins Dance Club means to our family….my daughter has been dancing at Erins going on three seasons. I remember when she had her first summer class. She was greeted with enthusiasm and a smile which made my nervous 3 year old feel at ease. She came out of that class telling me how much she loved Miss Erin and she couldn’t wait to dance the next week. That is what dancing at Erins is all about the joy the classes and teachers bring to their students. I have watched my daughters dancing greatly improve each season and am wonderfully surprised by the amazing recital at the end of the season. Each dancer up on that stage is confident and enjoying themselves! My daughter told me she loves dancing at Erins because Miss Erin makes to so much fun to learn!”


“Erin’s Dance Club has been such an important part of our family’s life.  Erin has taught my children how to work as a group, how to persevere, what dedication means and the benefits of it, confidence and how to belong to a family. I have watched my children grow in so many different ways since being a part of EDC and we look forward to our weekly visits.  One of my daughters has even assisted with the younger children in their classes to share her love for dance with them.  Another daughter has even been the winner of one of her wonderful scholarships!  Erin teaches, loves, coaches and listens to each and every student and their parent.  The environment and the atmosphere is unmatchable.  Everyone who is a part of EDC is there for each other just like a second family, this is the energy that Erin herself gives off.  We love Erin’s Dance Club because of how lively, fun and welcoming it is.  We cannot wait to start this next year of dance!”


Dancing at Erins dance studio has completely changed my daughter.  Her passion for dance is fully renewed and she has finally found herself again.Erin has allowed her to be herself and express who she truly is. Erin has pushed her to become an even better version of herself.  For that I am for ever grateful.”


Miss Erin is an excellent teacher who has wonderful classroom management and fun incorporations. Great teaching techniques!”