Competitive Team


Come and audition to be a member of our team! No prior competition team experience necessary!
Being a member of the EDC competition team(s) promises to be a healthy, educational experience for all dancers! You’ll get the chance to train with the best in town and have the opportunity to perform onstage in many different styles of dance, including Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theater,Song and Dance and Acro! Don’t miss out on this fun and exciting experience!

You must be dedicated, motivated, and ready to learn.
For more information on our competition teams call the Blenheim Studio at 519.676.0707 or the Chatham Studio at 519-355-1456. Please call to pre-register your audition.
What will be required of me as part of the EDC Competitive Team?
All teams will compete at 3 – 4 competitions per year. If the Level 2 team is interested in going to a Convention, then we may attend one of those as well.

Each team member will be given a set schedule of technique classes as well as rehearsals.

The competitive level one team trains 6 hours or less weekly. The competitive level two team trains a minimum of 6 hours weekly.

Dress Code

Competitive dancers will be required to wear proper dress code to each class and/or rehearsal.

Dress Code is as follows:

  • Hip Hop – Black top with Red EDC pants and clean running shoes/combat boots
  • Technique classes – Black leotard, black shorts or tights. Pink Ballet shoes, Lyrical spinners, Pedini nude jazz shoes
  • All classes – Hair must be up and out of face; must be in a bun for ballet and acro.



Erin’s Dance Club has many fantastic in house choreographers on Faculty. Miss Erin, Miss Lauren, Miss. Taylor, Miss Courtney, Miss Katie and Miss Amy will all be available for competitive choreography.


Competitive fees will fall into the following categories: Registration Fee, Monthly Tuition, Choreography Fees, Entry Fees, Costume Fees, and Miscellaneous. Miscellaneous expenses include things like shoes, eyelashes, necklaces, bag, warm-up suit, etc.

When fees are due:

Registration Fee – Due upon registration.
Monthly Fees – Due on the 1st and no later than the 14th of each month.
Choreography Fees – Due before the first scheduled class for each routine.
Entry Fees – 50% due before Oct 1st. The remaining 50% will be due no later than Jan 14th. (*please note that any dancer whose entry fee are not paid in full before Jan 14th will NOT be eligible to compete.)
Costume Fees – Due by April 1st.
Miscellaneous – Due when items are received.

As fees will vary from dancer to dancer, a detailed list of each dancers projected expenses for the dance season will be sent out before the end of Sept. Please note that other expenses may be added throughout the year but you will always be given ample notice and explanation of these expenses and a minimum of one month to make each payment.

For more detailed information regarding competitive fees please email the director at



Team members will be allowed a maximum of 6 absences per year. Each absence will need to be confirmed by the student’s parents, either by telephone, email, or written note. If a student is absent more than the allowed number of times, removal from the team will be necessary. Also, if a student’s absences are not accompanied by parental confirmation, removal from the team will be necessary.



Although it is not required for you to attend workshops, it is strongly recommended. Workshops not only give you the opportunity to learn from extremely talented dancers/choreographers, but they also train you to pick up choreography quicker and easier. Often, you only have an hour to learn a piece of choreography at a workshop. They also help you learn to express yourself while dancing new styles and to interact with dancers from other dance schools in a non-competitive environment. I would like team members to plan on attending at least one workshop per year.


Team Spirit

The competitive dance team needs to be looked at as any other kind of team. It can only be successful if everyone is working together, supporting each other and cheering each other on! Not only at competition but in class and rehearsals as well. Negative attitudes will not be welcome!

EDC is extremely proud to have won the Spirit Award at many competitions in the past!  The “Spirit” Award is given to the dance studio that best demonstrates sportsmanship, school spirit, and professionalism among staff and parents. It is awarded to the studio which has the most positive overall attitude for the weekend.  These accomplishments are what EDC is all about and shows what your child will learn in life skills through our competitive team.