Quarter Auction Fundraiser

The EDC Competitive Team is holding a Quarter Auction Fundraiser on November 20th at the Blenheim Legion Hall from 1:00-4:00PM. Tickets are $5 and include 1 paddle for bidding. You can purchase a second paddle for bidding for $2. • $10-$19 items for $0.25 • $20-$29...

Superheroes & Fairytales Week

POW! WAP! BANG! November 28th – January 2nd is SUPERHEROES & FAIRYTALES WEEK! Come to dance class dressed up as your favorite hero, princess, or fantasy character! And they all danced happily ever after…

Orange & Black Week

Orange & Black Week is October 24th-28th this year. Dancers: wear your favourite Orange and/or Black outfit to dance! You can wear all black, all orange, or a funky mix of both!


Erin’s Dance Club will be closed October 10th (Thanksgiving Day) and October 31st (Halloween). The EDC Staff hope you enjoy your holidays! Have fun and be safe!

“Bring A Friend To Dance” Week

Bring a Friend Week takes place September 26th – 30th. Bring a friend to any of your classes during this week! We will be sending home referral cards the week prior. If you refer a friend you will both receive a $25...